img_2297I’m sorry dad. I’m Conrad Kabus. I work with food, specifically the science of it. This leads me to do really nerdy and fun things, like this podcast. My favorite stash of comic books is published by Image Comics, but I’ve also been caught reading a Marvel or DC Comics publication from time to time. I spend my small-allocated free time on Kayaking, Grilling, Baking, and Writing/Illustrating professionally. Back to you Janet.



My name is Matthew and I love comic books and movies a lot.  My favorite run right now is Miles Morales Spider-Man.  I am a 25 year old donut slinger. I enjoy long walks on the Lake Michigan beach in the middle of winter.  I have two cats who are usually huge assholes but are still wonderful.  I also love sushi.


I’ve heard that bees are genetically designed to recognize royalty, but I’ve never been followed by bees so here we are. Hi guys, my name is Sonjay. I’m an eco-friendly nerd that loves movies, music and reading. I’ve been told that I look like a young Donald Glover and that’s probably going to be what’s on my tombstone.





Social media guru. Taco enthusiast. Defender of pop punk and I love cats more than I love myself. Wil Wheaton once called me, “A delightful woman.” I’m 25, a corrections officer and first and foremost: a huge nerd. Marvel Comics is my jam and the Guardians of the Galaxy is my favorite thing about life currently. I’m also dating Sonjay, as might be obvious from the picture above.