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This podcast is compiled of a group of nerds – we're here to talk about comics, movies, and memes and to use them to talk about representation in the media.


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The Power Rangers

Power Rangers – Episode 4

It’s been a bit since our last episode, we’ve been busy, that depression has been hitting us, and some of us are students – BUT. We’re back. And talking about the Power Rangers!

Let us know what you think or if you have ideas for future topics and episodes!


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Episode Zero

Alright, so with every podcast we will also post a transcript so that anybody who would prefer to read instead of listen, or if listening is an issue, can still be involved with Planet Butthurt.  Every time we post a transcript Matthew’s lines will be in bold, Sonjay’s lines will be unchanged, and Conrad will be italicized.




Hey everyone this is Matthew,

And this is Sonjay and we’re Planet Butthurt.  In this podcast were gonna take a few minutes and talk about the language on the show.

In everything we do with this podcast we want to be inclusive; with our language, with our subjects, and with everything affiliated with it.

There are a lot of people who are underrepresented and we wanna do something about that.

Like queer people, people of color, disabled people, certain religions, and more we wanna point out that representation is lacking.

But we also wanna talk about characters and concepts that are inclusive.  Basically what we wanna do is make everyone feel safe and represented.  And that’s what this podcast is about- representation in media.  We wanna talk about inclusion and representation in things like comic books, movies, television shows, weird things your grandma listens to like ya know.  So we wanna make this a podcast for everyone and we wanna have our language be for everyone.

That being said we will do our best to stay up to date with the most inclusive terms for every subject.  If we are ever problematic please know we are doing it with the best intentions.

We want everyone to feel included and represented when we’re talking about the podcast we don’t want to exclude anyone from these conversations.

So having said that one thing in particular that I want to address is that instead of using the LGBTQIA acronym we are generally going to refer to that as the queer communitiy or queer poeple.  I feel like it’s a term that we as a community have taken back and I’m proud of that.  And honestly, it’s a lot easier to say over the LGBTQIA acronym which no one can ever get right.

And on the flip flop of that there will not be racial slurs on the show even if they are used in comic books or in a movie or something.  They may be a discussion topic, but for the sake of trigger words and just past history that individuals may have we’re not gonna use them.  Kinda a poopy thing to do so we’re just gonna cut that off at the head.

We will take some time to look over all of our stuff before we do anything so Sonjay will check me and I will check him and make sure that we’re not being rude or disrespectful to anybody or anything.

Think of us both as culturally appropriate Santas we’re making some lists, we’re gonna give some presents, but they’re not gonna be that racist uncle presents.  They’re gonna be that top tier nintendo ya know.

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